A well-balanced diet is very important to stay fit and healthy. Not only a well-balanced diet will keep you stay fit physically but also help you to stay fit mentally.
A well-balanced eating plan contains all the necessary nutrients required to stay fit and healthy i.e. Calcium, iron, Carbohydrates, and Vitamins etc.
The main reason of having a well-balanced eating plan is to consume all the required nutrients to stay healthy on regular basis. Why? Because the lack of any of these necessary nutrients may cause severe effects on your body, the results may appear late but they do appear and they harm your body internally i.e. loss of eye sight, hair loss etc.
A well-balanced diet consists of eggs, vegetables, meat, pulses, fruits and rice etc. One must consume a diet which includes some of these eatables if not all on regular basis.
You will find a multitude of blogs on this page that will guide you about a healthy and balanced diet to stay healthy and fit as well as the foods and essential nutrients that you require on daily basis to stay fit.

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