Top 5 Essential Foods for Teeth Health

Oral hygiene plays a significant role in your body’s health. Ignoring your teeth health means leading your body towards bacteria, and oral diseases. Chronic diseases, oral cancer, plaque, and tooth decay are caused by the poor health of your teeth. Plaque is a thin film of bacteria; repeated attacks of these bacteria lead to the breakage of enamel on teeth surface and cause tooth decay. Some foods help to prevent plaque. There are plenty of foods for teeth health which can be eaten to maintain your teeth healthy.

Advantages of foods for teeth health:

 • Cavity free teeth

• No bad breathe

 • Confident smile

 • Good physical health

 • Healthy pregnancy

How to keep your teeth healthy? The key to healthy teeth is food and dental care. Your teeth are what you eat. Some foods invite tooth decay by themselves and some foods prevent plaque from building up. All you need to maintain good oral health is a healthy diet and oral care. Your health and well-being depend on your diet and the food you consume totally affects your health and body functions.

Let’s see some of the most essential foods for teeth health.

5 essential foods for teeth health:

1. Cheese and Dairy Products

 Cheese, milk, plain yogurt, and other dairy products are good food for teeth health. The ability to combat acid erosion of teeth makes cheese a super food for teeth health. Cheese is a great choice for dessert because eating cheese after a meal counteracts the acid left behind a meal. By consumption of bread, sweets, citrus, and soda, your teeth are exposed to tooth decay-causing acid. Mozzarella, gouda, and cheddar help to neutralize acids and make your teeth as white as pearls. Milk and other dairy products contain calcium and phosphates provide a good amount of minerals that help your teeth in rebuilding tooth enamel. Researchers have found that consuming 6 ounces of sugar-free, plain yogurt once a day kicks out the germs between your teeth.

2. Fish

 Salmon, sardines, herring, and Atlantic mackerel are some fatty fishes that are good food for teeth health. Fatty fishes are a great source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential part of your diet as it allows your body to absorb calcium. Calcium is very beneficial in preventing oral diseases. Foods containing calcium help your body fight bone (including teeth) diseases and keep you healthy. Fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. According to Harvard scientists, these fatty acids found in fish lowers the rate of gum disease. When bacteria irritate your gums, redness and swelling occur. This inflammation is reduced by omega-3 fatty acids. Add fatty fish in your diet and keep your teeth healthy!

3. Water and Fluoride

 Floirude is a mineral that is aslo known as “nature’s cavity fighter”. Drinking water with fluoride helps your teeth in fighting against cavity and strengthens your teeth. Since water doesn’t contain calories and sugar, it is highly beneficial for your health. Not drinking enough water can wreak havoc in your mouth as 99.5% saliva consists of water. Saliva is a natural defense against tooth decay. An optimum level of water in your saliva is essential to prevent tooth decay, neutralize bacterial acid, and break down of food. Water helps in reducing plaque as it washes away the remaining food (that bacteria love to eat) from your teeth. Coffee stains get fade by rinsing your mouth with water. Water helps in reducing other foods stains too.

4. Chocolate Dark

chocolate is one of the essential food for teeth health. Chocolate that is rich in cocoa is good to consume. It should contain at least 70% of cocoa. As mentioned above, the attacks of plaque bacteria can break the enamel of the teeth surface that leads to tooth decay. Therefore, taking care of enamel is important. Dark chocolate is one of the great foods for teeth health as contains a compound called CBH. CBH is beneficial for tooth enamel; it hardens it and prevents its breakage. Dark chocolate is never a wrong choice to please your taste buds as well as take care of teeth health.

5. Green Tea

Green tea promises to prevent tooth decay. It contains compounds that help in fighting bacterial infections and control inflammation. Green tea is good for teeth health as it is rich in antioxidants. Green tea is beneficial in preventing cavities as it lowers the acidity of saliva and plaque. According to Japanese research, people who consume one or more cups of green tea a day have less tooth loss than others. It helps to keep your teeth as it prevents cavity and gum diseases. The antioxidants found in green tea help in fighting against cancerous tumor growth. It slows down the oral cancer growth. Microbes make your mouth stinky and green tea kills them allowing you to breathe fresh.

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